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The best way to share impact is to share a story.

Impact Relations

Stories have the power to drive behavior. Impact Relations is the discipline of sharing powerful stories to make a positive impact.

Practitioners craft and manage communications that are transparent, authentic, meaningful and resonant. Businesses, in turn, perform and communicate better, while inspiring their stakeholders with substantive commitments to social and environmental responsibility. Impact relations provides a new value system for measuring communications effectiveness beyond traditional media metrics.

No spin. No fluff. Just authentic strategy, messaging and communication.

Impact Storytelling

  • Energizing stakeholder communications through media relations, creative campaigns, social media, installations, events, activations, stunts and more – all designed to educate, inspire and empower for maximum positive impact.

Impact Consulting

  • Strategic problem solving for some of today’s greatest challenges, providing solutions and direction, via social and environmental impact consulting; developing sustainability plans and strategies to help companies solve environmental, social and governance issues.
  • Engaging employees, by setting direction, and set up the org so you have goals to measure your impact
  • Future-proofing the company by preparing the organization to be ready for risks associated with social and environmental issues in the world.
  • Starting with strategy to integrate purpose-driven business across the organization’s operations.
  • Drafting messaging regarding solving for sustainability to create stronger engagement.

Impact Assessments


Our mission is to grow Impact Relations into a thriving new industry, one that leads – and inspires – by example. Impact Relations is a discipline defined by authentic, resonant communications strategies that help businesses be better; perform better, communicate better, and lead better to make a positive environmental, governance, and social impact.

A Guide to Impact Relations

We’re working on the first chapter in an informative, inspiring series that details the vision, principles, disciplines, techniques, processes that define Impact Relations. It’ll be released very soon, and we’d love to share it with you once it’s done.

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Be Part of the Change

Maybe you already are? We invite you to join our community of creative storytellers, problem solvers and forward-thinkers. After all, the creation of a new industry is only made possible when it has a tribe of like-minded problem-solvers to guide it. We want to hear your ideas and how you measure the impact of your campaigns. Tell us about what gets you going, your worst fears and your best practices. Let’s support and learn from each other, while we address the big social and environmental challenges of our day.

We want to see this community grow to the point where we all have an opportunity to meet face-to-face at our Impact Relations global summit. We want to see the next generation of communicators have the opportunity to major in Impact Relations at their university. We want to change the world, one story at a time.

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