Impact Relations is the discipline of sharing powerful stories that encourage greater positive impact.

Impact Relations is the discipline of sharing stories that help organizations create a positive social or environmental impact. No spin. No fluff. Just authentic and strategic messaging and communications.


By crafting messages that are transparent, authentic, meaningful and resonant, organizations can perform and communicate better while inspiring stakeholders with substantive commitments to social and environmental responsibility. Impact relations seeks to align messaging with values, and measure communications effectiveness beyond traditional media metrics.

In developing Impact Relations, we’ve created a framework that allows organizations and individuals to effectively convey their impact through storytelling in order to amplify beneficial outcomes, enhance reach and resonance, and inspire change.


Our mission is to grow Impact Relations into a thriving new industry, one that leads—and inspires—by example. Impact Relations is a discipline defined by authentic, resonant communications strategies that help businesses be better; perform better, communicate better, and lead better to make a positive environmental, governance, and social impact.

Impact Stories

Read about some of the people in the industry applying the Impact Relations philosophy.

Impact Relations Services


Impact Storytelling

Energizing stakeholder communications through media relations, creative campaigns, social media, event activations, and more – all designed to educate, inspire and empower.

Impact Consulting

Strategic problem solving for some of today’s greatest challenges, providing solutions and direction, via social and environmental impact consulting.

Impact Assessments

Measuring the social and environmental impact of clients and their campaigns by auditing workplace wellness performance and ensuring transparency when reporting on sustainability issues.

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Impact Relations practitioners consist of people and companies in public relations, strategic planning, and other types of marketing communications.

The Definitive Guide to Impact Relations

The Definitive Guide to Impact Relations was developed as a tool kit and training guide for communications professionals – public relations, media relations, strategic communications and social media professionals/online storytellers – to apply Impact Relations into their work and service offering. Sign up to receive volume 1.

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About Impact Relations

Impact Relations is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the widespread practice of PR and communications for positive impact. We’re shaping the future of PR.

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Impact Relations is a new industry that has evolved from public relations and the need for authentic and transparent communications, which inspire positive social change and behavior. Our mission is to grow Impact Relations into a thriving industry that leads – and inspires – by example. We can’t do it alone so please sign up here to join our network, as we collectively shape the future of PR.

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