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We educate and engage communicators and marketers on how to inspire social or environmental change.


Collectively, we’re exploring and discovering new ways to measure the impact of our work, while bringing new industry standards to communications.

Impact Relations is a discipline of communications that influences positive social and environmental impact. No spin. Just authentic and strategic communications.


By crafting messages that are transparent, authentic, meaningful and resonant, organizations can perform and communicate better while inspiring stakeholders with substantive commitments to social and environmental responsibility. Impact relations seeks to align messaging with values, and measure the effectiveness of communications beyond traditional media metrics.

In developing Impact Relations, we’ve created a framework that allows organizations and individuals to effectively convey their impact through storytelling in order to amplify beneficial outcomes, enhance reach and resonance, and inspire change.

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About Impact Relations

Impact Relations is an organization dedicated to promoting the widespread practice of PR and communications for positive impact. We’re shaping the future of PR.

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