Spotlight | Fortnite | Educating young minds on systemic racism

The battle to end systemic racism is not one that can be fought overnight, it requires education to ensure oppressive systems can be dismantled and to inspire younger generations to seek systemic change. The world’s most popular battle royale online video game, Fortnite, hosted an online event educating young minds on the subject of systemic racism – 68% of its players are between 10 and 30 years old. 

In April 2020, Epic Games, father company to Fortnite, debuted a platform they named Party Royale which was designed to be a nonviolent social space that has since been used to host virtual events and concerts. Earlier this month, the online video game announced the launch of its We The People educational series; a variety of guided conversations around the topic of race in America. Conversations were led by Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (POC) leaders in the fields of music, media, sports, and entertainment. 

In proactively taking steps to use its platform to educate and encourage open, respectful discourse around the the topic of racial inequity, Fortnite demonstrates a deep appreciation of the role organizations play in fostering collective understanding and power, leveraging its 350 million player platform to spread messages of inclusivity and diversity.