Stories have the power
to drive behavior.

Impact Relations is the discipline of sharing powerful stories to make a positive impact.

Practitioners craft and manage communications that are transparent, authentic, meaningful and resonant. Businesses, in turn, perform and communicate better, while inspiring their stakeholders with substantive commitments to social and environmental responsibility. Impact relations provides a new value system for measuring communications effectiveness beyond traditional media metrics.


No spin. No fluff. Just authentic strategy, messaging and communication



Our mission is to grow Impact Relations into a thriving new industry, one that leads—and inspires—by example. Impact Relations is a discipline defined by authentic, resonant communications strategies that help businesses be better; perform better, communicate better, and lead better to make a positive environmental, governance, and social impact.

Impact Stories

Read about some of the people in the industry applying the Impact Relations philosophy.

Impact Relations Services


Impact Consulting

Strategic problem solving for some of today’s greatest challenges, providing solutions and direction, via social and environmental impact consulting.


Impact Storytelling

Energizing stakeholder communications through media relations, creative campaigns, social media, installations, events, activations, stunts and more – all designed to educate, inspire and empower for maximum positive impact.


Impact Measurement

Measuring the social and environmental impact of clients and their campaigns by auditing workplace wellness performance and ensuring transparency when reporting on sustainability issues.

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A Guide to Impact Relations

We’re working on the first chapter in an informative, inspiring series that details the vision, principles, disciplines, techniques, processes that define Impact Relations. It’ll be released very soon, and we’d love to share it with you once it’s done.

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Impact Relations is dedicated to promoting the widespread practice of PR and communications for positive impact. We’re shaping the future of PR.


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