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Our mandate:

  • We lead with authenticity and abide by a “no spin” policy


  • We apply discipline and responsible discretion when choosing the businesses, organizations and individuals we represent and messages we amplify


  • We commit to using transparent, authentic communications to lead with purpose and to strive for positive impact within the businesses we represent


  • We shine a light on socially innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues


  • We measure the social and environmental impact of our communications strategies whenever and wherever possible

We believe…

  • The stories that businesses tell have the power to drive societal and systemic change – for better or worse.


  • Communications should be authentic and purposeful.


  • Using communications as a platform for positive impact and change.


  • Businesses achieve stronger customer loyalty and employee retention when they lead with their values, purpose and a greater mission.

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Impact Relations is an organization dedicated to promoting the widespread practice of PR and communications for positive impact. We’re shaping the future of PR.

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