Spotlight | Pledegcamp | Crowdfunding for PPE.

People across the world are finding inspiring ways to thank frontline healthcare workers. Seeing them in need of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Pledgecamp, a crowdfunding platform centered on accountability and trust, is providing a medium for people to be able to directly support healthcare workers during this time. 

Through its timely Supplies Save Lives campaign, Pledgecamp is enabling the funding and supply of PPE to US hospitals where needs are the greatest. Recognizing the need for transparency in a time of vulnerability, 100% of the funds gathered from this project will be used to purchase PPE to be delivered directly to healthcare workers. Additionally, Pledgecamp is giving people the option to choose which hospital within the US they would like to send supplies to, giving the public a sense of autonomy by allowing them to send much-needed equipment to the exact hospital where their loved ones may work, or where they feel the need is greatest. 

In a time where we need to support each other, Pledgecamp’s approach commendable. By giving people the choice of where the equipment is directed to and by donating all the funds gathered to this necessary cause, Pledgecamp is creating a strong sense of accountability to its pledgers. Likely increasing brand loyalty in the long run and inspiring similar kind-hearted campaigns.