Spotlight | LUSH Cosmetics | Navigating uncharted territory

It is no secret that these past few weeks have been exceptionally challenging for businesses, with over 90 US retailers having had to temporarily close their doors due to COVID-19. Companies are faced with continued, unprecedented challenges, and how they communicate their approach to these will be important to maintain stakeholder and customer loyalty. 

LUSH, a leading vegetarian and eco conscious cosmetics retailer has taken a commendable, honest stance in their communications of late, as seen on their Instagram page acknowledging the fact that this situation was not something it was prepared for. In its sincere and transparent post titled Navigating uncharted territory , LUSH opened up about the difficulty of downsizing during this time, including the difficulty in saying goodbye to members of the LUSH family. The cosmetics company concluded with a message of hope and a ‘thank you’ to its customers and communities where they operate.  

This sincere approach is a great example of authentic communications. Businesses and consumers alike are currently figuring out what the next steps look like in transitioning into a new normal. Acknowledging that LUSH, as a company, is experiencing that struggle as well reinforces the community feel around the brand and ensures customers are able to relate to it from an emotional standpoint.